Leap Motion

Gameplay is compatible with the Leap Motion Controller. You can configure 3D gestures to control your favorite PC games with hands and fingertips.

With Gameplay you can control virtually any PC game with touch, voice, or motion. GestureWorks Gameplay is a Windows 8 utility.

How It Works


Virtual Controllers


You can use XInput controls in popular games and map them to touch, voice or motion controls using Gameplay.

Version 3 now

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Android Remote Control

Android remote gamepads allow you and your friends to play PC games remotely with smart phones and tablets.


Android Remote

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The Myo motion control and gesture control armband can be used to control PC games with GestureWorks Gameplay.


Intel's embedded RealSense camera can be used for high-fidelity 3D head and hand motion gestures in Gameplay.

Voice Commands

Using voice recognition you can now control your pc games with Gestureworks Gameplay in a hands free environment.

Multimodal Authoring

Gestureworks Gameplay brings together touch, motion, and voice controls for a better gaming experience with your favorite PC games.